Live cooking made easy

The best platform for live cooking events. Mona handles scheduling, payments, messaging and streaming — giving you more time in the kitchen.

How it works

Your online shopfront

Create your page

Beautiful pages made in minutes. Mona links are perfect for your bio.

Add and share classes

Sell classes and courses on Mona with best-in-class payments, ticketing, and support.

Customer messaging

Send class information before the event and recordings after — Mona is a direct line to your customers.

"From payments to support, Mona takes the hassle out of live cookalongs — I'm already planning my next one!"

Styling made easy

Designed to taste

Handpick your own styles and build your page in minutes. Need a hand? Use our tasteful templates.

Live cooking

Cooking classes have never been easier

Add classes and courses to your Mona page so people can sign up in seconds. Payments, ticketing, and support are all handled by Mona — so you can focus on the cooking.


Customer communication at scale

Use the in-built messenger to share pre-class prep, recipes, and ingredients — while streaming links and recordings are shared automatically by Mona.


Understand your audience

Find out what's most in demand and who your most-valuable customers are using Mona insights.

Want to know more?

Find our commonly asked questions below. If we've missed something, chat with the Mona team at

How do I get paid?
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Payments on Mona are processed securely using Stripe. As customers pay for your offers you will build up credit which will appear on your Mona account. You can cash out at any time using the admin dashboard.

How much does it cost?
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Having a Mona account is free. When you make money on Mona, we take 4% of your revenue, plus a Stripe payment processing fee.

Who are Mona?
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We're a small team based out of Dublin, London, and California. We're passionate about helping people share and monetize their passions. We've worked for industry-leading platforms and services like Intercom, Monzo, and Xero — and have taken what we've learned to build something new for independent creators.

Big love,
Romy, PatrickDavid, Devin, and Eoghan

Our investors

We’re fortunate to be working with some of the incredible investors behind companies like Calm, Figma, and Revolut.

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